Barbaric Punjabi armies are famous of their genocide techniques in Bengladesh.They are using very same in Balochistan as well. Baloch settlements are facing Ariel bombardment time and again, gunships roar upon nomadic villages, and military tanks ruin the crops and corpses both. At the start of recent conflict, Punjabi armies bombarded Bugti fort in Dera Bugti. At March 17, 2005 Shelling of Pakistani Air force and artillery left 70 dead and Countless wounded, including men, women and children. Mass graves discovered in Singsilah, Mand and Chaman were enough to open the eyes of international community but controlled media played a pathetic role to hide the atrocities. Pakistan army reportedly threw the abducted Baloch, from a height of thousands of feet by choppers in Noshki to express their tyrant intentions. Baloch detainees were burnt alive in Singsilah area of Dera Bugti by drowning them in containers of boiling charcoal. Just to put back Gestapo in the row of brutality, Baloch women and children were forcibly thrown in the flares of their burning homes in Biti area of Dera Bugti. Baloch women and Children killed in Ariel bombardment.

Hundreds of thousands Baloch families are forced to relocate in adjoining Sindh and Punjab, where they are leading a miserable life. Pakistani forces often threaten the IDPs in Sindh and Punjab, kill and abduct their youth, take away every source of their livelihood and burn their camps to ashes. A recent offensive on a temporary settlement of Baloch IDPs in Rajan Pur area left three dead and they abducted 12 men. Many NGOs of international repute are on record when they tried to help Baloch IDPs they were forcibly stopped by the State. Recently Pakistani forces launched an offensive an ancient Baloch settlement of Liyari- Karachi, to punish those who sheltered Baloch IDPs, though this armed action was labeled other way to deceive the international community. During Liyari operation, ambulances of different NGOs were not allowed to take injured ones to the hospitals. Abdulsattar Edhi of Edhi foundation said publically on electronic media that he went to serve the humanity in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan Egypt and other war torn countries and no one stopped him to work, but Pakistani authorities are not allowing his aid workers and ambulances to enter in Baloch areas.

More than 15000 Baloch families are forced to take refuge in neighboring Afghanistan. Baloch refugees of Afghanistan prove that a war torn country is a better option to save the lives of their families. Devilish forces of Pakistan did not spare them there as well. Abducting Baloch youth How do they treat Baloch What should it be called, genocide?

International media reported more than a dozen of attacks on Baloch refugee camps in Afghanistan by Inter Services intelligence of Pakistan army. Such attacks often cause heavy causalities and misery of poor refugees is multiplied. Thousands of Baloch youth and political worker are illegally abducted and their fate remains unknown. Abductions at massive scale still continue. While drafting these lines family of a 16 year old Farooq Bugti approached and registered that their child was abducted by Para-military forces of Pakistan army in the day light, from capital city of Quetta today. More than a thousand people have been killed in custody, and their unrecognizable mutilated bodies are dumped in waste. So for 500 plus dumped bodies of abducted Baloch have been recognized by their families while others are buried unidentified. Baloch political workers, intellectuals, students, poets, artists, writers and journalists are targeted by the death squads of Punjabi military. Private militias, developed as the fifth columns of military are busy in Baloch genocide with different names. Sitting ministers of Pakistani Government in Balochistan are on record, who accused Pakistani military a sequel of Bangladesh tragedy. Provincial chief of police provided the video evidences in Pakistani Supreme court to prove that Paramilitary forces are carrying out a systematic campaign of abductions and extra judicial killings of Baloch. Chief Justice of Pakistan says the State authorities must keep their forces on leash to stop the bloodshed. But it seems that Pakistani forces are determined to eliminate Baloch nation at any cost.

Introduction 3
Atrocities: 6
Socio-Economic Situation: 8
Natural Resources-A history of loot and plunder: 11
Oil and Gas 11
Coal 13
Copper and Gold 14
Ports and Coastline 15
Ormara-The port of boats 15
Gawadar-The gateway of cool breeze 16
Jewani – Nursery of Marine life 16
Sonmiani – The port of gold 16
Damb-The Deep 17
Gaddani- The beach of wild goats 17
Violence – Mise en scene 18
Legal Information: 22
Declaration on the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance 30
Institutions Involved: 39
Involvement of Pakistani military 39
Para-Military forces 41
Frontier Constabulary 41
Pakistan Coast Guards 42
Pakistani Spy Agencies 43
Military Intelligence- MI 43
Inter Services Intelligence-ISI 44
State sponsored private militias: 45
Peace Force 45
Mussalah Difai Tanzeem 47
Tehreek-e-Nifaz-Aman 48
Mutahida Mahaz 49
Lashkar-e-Jhangavi 50
Sipah-e-Muhammad 51
Pseudo steps of Government to deceive the international Community: 52
Presidential apology 52
Aghaz-e-Haqooq -e- Balochistan 53
Parliamentary Committee of Gilani Regime 54
Parliamentary Committee of Raja Regime 55
Judicial Commission 55
Suo motu notice of Supreme Court 56
Enforced Disappearances and extra judicial killings in Balochistan: 57
Corroborating Evidences 59
Effected Groups 61
Political Vanguard, abducted, killed and dumped 62
The Intelligentsia Silenced 63
Abduction of Students, Generations on Stake 64
Nation deprived of professionals 65
Culture overturned 66
Observations of Human Rights Organizations: 68
Human Rights Watch-HRW 69
Amnesty International 70
Voice for Baloch Missing Persons – VBMP 72
International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons – IVBMP 73
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan – HRCP 74
Comic part of the human tragedy- State side justification of genocide: 75
Insurgency 75
Enforced disappearances 76
Extra Judicial Killings 77
Response of International Community: 78
US Congressional hearing on Balochistan 79
Resolution in US Congress, recognizing Balochistan right to self- determination. 80
UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances 82
Conclusions: 83
Recommendations 84
Annex 85
Innocent Baloch National Martyered in cold blood 85
Availabe data of Baloch Nationals killed in the custody of Security forces after abduction 130
Baloch Nationals Abducted by Pakistani Security Forces 145



A newspaper cutting of ‘The Evening Chronicle’ (England) citing Kalat State’s refusal to accede Pakistan.

After Kalat’s refusal, a Foreign Office official asks Sec. of State whether to offer Kalat a treaty

UK High Com informs Foreign Office about B’stan Parliament decision (NO ACCESSION TO PAKISTAN.Jinnah’s intimidating tactics: Refusing to negotiate further; Putting pressure on Kalat; Kalat’s Paki PM resigns

UK High Com telegram cites that Khan of Kalat fears that Pakistan may use force to annex Balochistan Kalat Government demands explanation over a redio report that Pakistan aiming to annex Lasbella & Kharan.

Minutes of Meeting b/w Balochistan & Lord Mountbatten, the Viceroy, prior to Balochistan’s declaration of independence

Case for independence (4 Aug 47) Balochistan emphasises legality of bilateral treaties b/w Britain & Balochistan

Draft Communique Between Pakistan & Balochistan. Pakistan accepts: BALOCHISTAN AS AN INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN STATE.

 British Parliament records Kalat refused to join Pakistan. 

M.A Jinnah Letter to Khan Kalat to join Pakistan.

Independent Balochistan was forcibly annexed into Pakistan by Pakistan Army.Hamid Mir

Aside  —  Posted: May 10, 2012 in Balochistan Articles

white preachers told us ” Come and worship. We have closed our eyes. When we opened our eyes.Holy book is with us and our land is with them.”

By Archen Baloch 27/04/2012
Occupied Balochistan: B N S Turbat Halkaar has, through its SMS report, received at 10:20am, informed that the occupying Pakistani forces have launched an unprovoked operation in Gebon village of district Turbat in the early morning at 5:55 Am today. so far four persons has been reported killed by occupying forces with 7 Arrests, Pakistani media reported.
When this ascribe contacted the locals about this operation they confirmed that the first raid took place at the house of Shahsowar named man. Until this report, firing and loud bomb blasts are continuing and locals also reported that entire Gebon village is under siege of occupying forces. According to reports Firing has also spread to the Gebon Middle Girls School.  Local journalists are not being allowed to confirm and report the numbers of casualties.  But locals reported that the girls school has received substantial damages.
It is worth mentioning here that Gebon is situated very close to Merani Dam which is designed to supply water to Gawadar  city mega projects that were initiated with Chinese financial aid under a strategic design.
For the past one month the military has intensified its gory operation in different parts of Balochistan backed by air force. Baloch media has confirmedly reported an increase in the number of troops deployment in  several places of strategic important.

 In Pakistan Pakhtoon nationalism is revolves around two parties Awami National Party(ANP) and Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP).ANP have influence in Khaber  Pakhtoonkhaw (KPK) province while PMAP in Pakhtoon areas of Balochistan.

 Although Pakhtoon’s always prefer Islamic Political Parties like Jameet-Ulma-e-Islam over nationalist but still both parties have large number of followers.In In recent elections of 2008 ANP beat Islamic Parties in KPK province and ruling party of KPK.

 But my topic is not who has how much followers or who made government in KPK my topic is Pakhtoon Nationalist party role in Balochistan conflict,sorry to say that it is very negative.

 In Khaber PakhtoonKhaw (KPK) assembly ANP passed a  Resolution condemning US congressman bill on right of self-determination of Baloch.I can only say that ANP being a nationalist and follower of BACHA Khan this kind of behaviour toward a oppress nation do not suit them.If they can’t support Baloch then they should also don’t help Pakistan to suppress Baloch. I also advise ANP to Pass a  resolution against Baloch genocide by Pakistani Army in Balochistan too.

 I will concentrate on PMAP because in Balochistan there is greater influence of PMAP than ANP .

 In Balochistan PakhtoonKhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) has great influence on Pakhtoon nationalism although PMAP have large number of followers but still not enough to have an influence on Balochistan Politics, in Balochistan after Jamait-e-Ulama Islam Fazal-ur-Rehman PMAP have large number of follower in Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

 PMAP as a Nationalist must support Baloch nationalist movement but instead of supporting  PMAP don’t let any chance of defaming Baloch Cause go unturned,we never find the PMAP protesting the massacre of Baloch political activists or Baloch women and children, but if  a Punjabi settler is killed, PMAP start’s a planned campaign to condemn the killing of a Punjabi.

 Baloch  find PMAP always in their apposition never favouring their struggle instead of favouring they are opposing their cause.I find PMAP aways competing with Baloch while there is no competition between them both have different territories,both are oppressed nations.Instead of demanding or struggling against government of Pakistan for Pakhtoon rights PMAP IS struggling against Baloch for their rights and demanding 50 percent share in Balochistan where as there population is not more than 30 %.They should demand 100% of their own right but they have no right to demand 50% of Baloch right,again it is not an issue because in Pakistan minorities have no rights.

 Recently PMAP instead of demanding Pakhtoon Province for Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan they demanded to government of Pakistan for restoration of British Balochistan.In British Balochistan there are  many Baloch districts too,for doing such demand what they are trying to prove I don’t know,but this claim of PMAP on Baloch Territory is not going to help Pakhtoons but only to Punjabi establishment to suppress the Baloch .Baloch never claimed Pakhtoon territory ever,they should also respect Baloch and there cause,but don’t know why Pakhtoon Nationalist are not recognizeing their real enemy who is destroying their Nationalism not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan in the name of Islam.

 Pakhtoon Natinalism is suffering from decades in Balochistan due to the Islamic political Parties  influence over Pakhtoons.During soviet-Afghan war Islamic political parties took over Pakhtoon Nationalist parties and later Taliban government in Afghanistan and ISI helped these Islamic Parties to took control over Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.  The only chance of survival of Pakhtoon Nationalism from Talibanization is free Nationalist Balochistan. A neighbour Nationalist country like Balochistan will be a natural ally of Afghanistan and support nationalist instead of Taliban kind of extremists.

 I want to advise Pakhtoon nationalist that Pakistan is not a friend of any one,if today Baloch are suffering definitely tomorrow you will suffer like Afghanistan is suffering from decades due to Pakistan.


 Pakhtoon Natinalism is suffering from decades in Balochistan due to the Islamic political Parties  influence over Pakhtoons.During soviet-Afghan war Islamic political parties took over Pakhtoon Nationalist parties and later Taliban government in Afghanistan helped these Islamic Parties to took control over Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

Imran Khan recent visit and jalsa in Quetta was an attempt to encounter Baloch insurgency but failed due to very little almost nothing presence of Baloch in this Jalsa but this jalsa is a great threat to Pakhtoon Nationalism and Pakhtoon Nationalist parties because of presence of large number of Pakhtoons in that PTI jalsa.

In Balochistan PakhtoonKhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) has great influence on Pakhtoon nationalism although PMAP have large number of followers but still not enough to have an influence on Balochistan Politics, in Balochistan after Jamait-e-Ulama Islam Fazal-ur-Rehman PMAP have large number of follower in Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

Majority of pakhtoons always prefer Islamic Parties over Nationalist in Balochistan since few decades,but still there is a good number of voters for nationalist but now PTI is a great challenge to Pakhtoon Nationalist Parties in Balochistan,because PTI  will only influence secular Pakhtoons who are voters of ANP or PMAP in Balochistan,on the other hand PTI have no attraction to the voters of Islamic political parties in Balochistan.

PTI will further cut vote bank of Pakhtoon Nationalist in Balochistan because PTI only influence secular or liberal Pakhtoons who are voters of Nationalist parties and further divide pakhtoons,which helps Islamic political parties.

Now its on Pakhtoon nationalist how they handle this challenge otherwise it will badly damage Pakhtoon Nationalism in Balochistan.


Dialogue only on Freedom Agenda, Pakistan is an Occupier, Intervention Continuing Since 1948! HyrBeyar Marri & Khan Kalat
By Archen Baloch 30/03/2012 
Baloch national leader Waja HyrBeyar Marri said that there would be no dialogue on anything  except freedom, speaking in a private TV program, the patriotic Baloch leader said that foreign interference in Balochistan  started the day one when Pakistan occupied it! Pakistan is the occupier! On a desperate remark of the anchorperson  that Zardari would not give you 
 Freedom, HyrBeyar said that they would knock every door of international community for support, and pledge that every Baloch would work hard to regain the freedom! 
HyrBeyar Marri, exiled in London, said that the name of Islam is manipulated to serve morbid interests. He said that the attitude of Punjabi elite  has never been friendly, he added that Pakistani oligarch has always plundered and looted  Balochistan.
Waja Marri answering a question,  said that Pakistan was resorting to different type of diversionary excuses to justify its occupation over Balochistan! He rejected foreign intervention allegations and said that it was Pakistan as a foreign country  that has intervened and occupied Balochistan in 1948. Since than it has hardly left a stone unturned to loot and plunder Balochistan natural wealth! He said that the British had recognized Balochistan sovereignty.  According to historical documents of Baloch history, Baloch leader said that the international community has the right to  support Baloch freedom movement on humanitarian ground!
To a query about “modern Balochistan” outlook,  the secular Baloch patriotic leader said that  there would be no place for  Sardari system or Pakistani culture in modern Balochistan social organization! 
In the same TV program, the Khan of Kalat,  Sulaiman Daoud Khan was also interviewed, he said that Balochistan was under occupation, and added that M A Jinnah himself recognized Balochistan’s independent status as a Baloch sovereign state! He said that the governor and chief minister themselves admitted that they had even 5 percent no authority over Balochistan’s affairs! He said that it was Pak Army that was all and all in  Balochistan! 
The Respected khan  said that it was always Punjab and its army that spoiled the situation! He rejected the possibility of talk with Pakistani leadership saying that they were unworthy to talk with, as they are marred in corruption-such as Mehran Bank case and Memo-gate scandal. He optimistically said that Balochistan would be liberated soon by God willing!