Pakhtoon Nationalists In Balochistan Conflict.

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Balochistan Articles

 In Pakistan Pakhtoon nationalism is revolves around two parties Awami National Party(ANP) and Pakhtoonkhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP).ANP have influence in Khaber  Pakhtoonkhaw (KPK) province while PMAP in Pakhtoon areas of Balochistan.

 Although Pakhtoon’s always prefer Islamic Political Parties like Jameet-Ulma-e-Islam over nationalist but still both parties have large number of followers.In In recent elections of 2008 ANP beat Islamic Parties in KPK province and ruling party of KPK.

 But my topic is not who has how much followers or who made government in KPK my topic is Pakhtoon Nationalist party role in Balochistan conflict,sorry to say that it is very negative.

 In Khaber PakhtoonKhaw (KPK) assembly ANP passed a  Resolution condemning US congressman bill on right of self-determination of Baloch.I can only say that ANP being a nationalist and follower of BACHA Khan this kind of behaviour toward a oppress nation do not suit them.If they can’t support Baloch then they should also don’t help Pakistan to suppress Baloch. I also advise ANP to Pass a  resolution against Baloch genocide by Pakistani Army in Balochistan too.

 I will concentrate on PMAP because in Balochistan there is greater influence of PMAP than ANP .

 In Balochistan PakhtoonKhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) has great influence on Pakhtoon nationalism although PMAP have large number of followers but still not enough to have an influence on Balochistan Politics, in Balochistan after Jamait-e-Ulama Islam Fazal-ur-Rehman PMAP have large number of follower in Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

 PMAP as a Nationalist must support Baloch nationalist movement but instead of supporting  PMAP don’t let any chance of defaming Baloch Cause go unturned,we never find the PMAP protesting the massacre of Baloch political activists or Baloch women and children, but if  a Punjabi settler is killed, PMAP start’s a planned campaign to condemn the killing of a Punjabi.

 Baloch  find PMAP always in their apposition never favouring their struggle instead of favouring they are opposing their cause.I find PMAP aways competing with Baloch while there is no competition between them both have different territories,both are oppressed nations.Instead of demanding or struggling against government of Pakistan for Pakhtoon rights PMAP IS struggling against Baloch for their rights and demanding 50 percent share in Balochistan where as there population is not more than 30 %.They should demand 100% of their own right but they have no right to demand 50% of Baloch right,again it is not an issue because in Pakistan minorities have no rights.

 Recently PMAP instead of demanding Pakhtoon Province for Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan they demanded to government of Pakistan for restoration of British Balochistan.In British Balochistan there are  many Baloch districts too,for doing such demand what they are trying to prove I don’t know,but this claim of PMAP on Baloch Territory is not going to help Pakhtoons but only to Punjabi establishment to suppress the Baloch .Baloch never claimed Pakhtoon territory ever,they should also respect Baloch and there cause,but don’t know why Pakhtoon Nationalist are not recognizeing their real enemy who is destroying their Nationalism not only in Pakistan but also in Afghanistan in the name of Islam.

 Pakhtoon Natinalism is suffering from decades in Balochistan due to the Islamic political Parties  influence over Pakhtoons.During soviet-Afghan war Islamic political parties took over Pakhtoon Nationalist parties and later Taliban government in Afghanistan and ISI helped these Islamic Parties to took control over Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.  The only chance of survival of Pakhtoon Nationalism from Talibanization is free Nationalist Balochistan. A neighbour Nationalist country like Balochistan will be a natural ally of Afghanistan and support nationalist instead of Taliban kind of extremists.

 I want to advise Pakhtoon nationalist that Pakistan is not a friend of any one,if today Baloch are suffering definitely tomorrow you will suffer like Afghanistan is suffering from decades due to Pakistan.



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