Gebon Under Siege: Military Operation Sees No Abating in Balochistan

Posted: April 27, 2012 in news

By Archen Baloch 27/04/2012
Occupied Balochistan: B N S Turbat Halkaar has, through its SMS report, received at 10:20am, informed that the occupying Pakistani forces have launched an unprovoked operation in Gebon village of district Turbat in the early morning at 5:55 Am today. so far four persons has been reported killed by occupying forces with 7 Arrests, Pakistani media reported.
When this ascribe contacted the locals about this operation they confirmed that the first raid took place at the house of Shahsowar named man. Until this report, firing and loud bomb blasts are continuing and locals also reported that entire Gebon village is under siege of occupying forces. According to reports Firing has also spread to the Gebon Middle Girls School.  Local journalists are not being allowed to confirm and report the numbers of casualties.  But locals reported that the girls school has received substantial damages.
It is worth mentioning here that Gebon is situated very close to Merani Dam which is designed to supply water to Gawadar  city mega projects that were initiated with Chinese financial aid under a strategic design.
For the past one month the military has intensified its gory operation in different parts of Balochistan backed by air force. Baloch media has confirmedly reported an increase in the number of troops deployment in  several places of strategic important.


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