A newspaper cutting of ‘The Evening Chronicle’ (England) citing Kalat State’s refusal to accede Pakistan.

After Kalat’s refusal, a Foreign Office official asks Sec. of State whether to offer Kalat a treaty

UK High Com informs Foreign Office about B’stan Parliament decision (NO ACCESSION TO PAKISTAN.Jinnah’s intimidating tactics: Refusing to negotiate further; Putting pressure on Kalat; Kalat’s Paki PM resigns

UK High Com telegram cites that Khan of Kalat fears that Pakistan may use force to annex Balochistan Kalat Government demands explanation over a redio report that Pakistan aiming to annex Lasbella & Kharan.

Minutes of Meeting b/w Balochistan & Lord Mountbatten, the Viceroy, prior to Balochistan’s declaration of independence

Case for independence (4 Aug 47) Balochistan emphasises legality of bilateral treaties b/w Britain & Balochistan

Draft Communique Between Pakistan & Balochistan. Pakistan accepts: BALOCHISTAN AS AN INDEPENDENT AND SOVEREIGN STATE.

 British Parliament records Kalat refused to join Pakistan. 

M.A Jinnah Letter to Khan Kalat to join Pakistan.

Independent Balochistan was forcibly annexed into Pakistan by Pakistan Army.Hamid Mir




ISI Proxy group “Baloch Warna Ittahad(Baloch United Youth) ” threatens Mir Sohaib Mengal Baloch,a student, writer political and online Baloch activist. Proxy group also warns that every nationalist will be targeted’! and also claimed the killing of 3 Bugti’s in Dera Bugti Balochistan.

A newly born pakistani agencies proxy group Baloch Warna Ittahad(Baloch United Youth) spokesman Raheem dad  warns all nationalist that they keep out of freedom movement otherwise he will target them.He also threatens Mir Sohaib Mengal BSO-Azad(a pro-Independence student wing) central committee member and an online Baloch activist.It should be noted that few days ago an online Baloch activist Waheed Baloch was targeted by Pakistani agencies in Khuzdar with his friend.

Further he also claimed that his commander Babu Baidar killed three Bugti’s  phota,Shahmir and Tangu bugti in Zenkoh Dera Bugti Balochistan.Further he said we abducted two Baloch Buland Khan and Ahmed from Dhader Bolan Balochistan and we will kill them soon.