PTI Another Challenge To Pakhtoon Nationalism In Balochistan.

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Balochistan Articles
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 Pakhtoon Natinalism is suffering from decades in Balochistan due to the Islamic political Parties  influence over Pakhtoons.During soviet-Afghan war Islamic political parties took over Pakhtoon Nationalist parties and later Taliban government in Afghanistan helped these Islamic Parties to took control over Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

Imran Khan recent visit and jalsa in Quetta was an attempt to encounter Baloch insurgency but failed due to very little almost nothing presence of Baloch in this Jalsa but this jalsa is a great threat to Pakhtoon Nationalism and Pakhtoon Nationalist parties because of presence of large number of Pakhtoons in that PTI jalsa.

In Balochistan PakhtoonKhawa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) has great influence on Pakhtoon nationalism although PMAP have large number of followers but still not enough to have an influence on Balochistan Politics, in Balochistan after Jamait-e-Ulama Islam Fazal-ur-Rehman PMAP have large number of follower in Pakhtoon majority areas of Balochistan.

Majority of pakhtoons always prefer Islamic Parties over Nationalist in Balochistan since few decades,but still there is a good number of voters for nationalist but now PTI is a great challenge to Pakhtoon Nationalist Parties in Balochistan,because PTI  will only influence secular Pakhtoons who are voters of ANP or PMAP in Balochistan,on the other hand PTI have no attraction to the voters of Islamic political parties in Balochistan.

PTI will further cut vote bank of Pakhtoon Nationalist in Balochistan because PTI only influence secular or liberal Pakhtoons who are voters of Nationalist parties and further divide pakhtoons,which helps Islamic political parties.

Now its on Pakhtoon nationalist how they handle this challenge otherwise it will badly damage Pakhtoon Nationalism in Balochistan.



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