Lost Argument’s

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Balochistan Articles

  When A Pakistani loose argument’s with a Baloch on Balochistan issue then suddenly he starts blaming Sardari system or tribal sytem,that these systems are root cause of Deprivation of Balochistan,and sardars are enjoying all the money which given by federation to Balochistan.When you tell them that there are no sardars in Makran and Awaran Division who are responsible for their deprivation then they say,you are lying,how it is possible that there is no sardar in any area of Balochistan. 

Similarly when you tell them that these are Baloch who are fighting against Pakistan not few Sardars and giving them example of Dr.Allah Nazar suddenly a non logical answer came from them He is a agent of RAW and so on.    https://azadbaluch.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/biography-of-commander-dr-allah-nazar-baloch/

There are many such examples of such stupid arguments.They never believe you when you said them that Pakistani army and its Intelligence agencies are killing Baloch youth,their answer Army will never kill their own people,these are Baloch insurgents(they call them terrorists) who are killing them to defame the army and its Intelligence agencies in Balochistan. When you tell them that is these Jet fighters and Gunship Helicopters who are bombing on Balochistan are Israelis or indians?If they are not Pakistani again same answer,you are lying.

Another misinformation to Pakistani’s is that Balochistan joined Pakistan by its will,which is completely wrong.Balochistan got its freedom in 11 August 1947 till 27 March 1948 then Pakistan forcefully annexed Balochistan in Pakistan,with the help of its army after this forceful annexation 5 insurgencies occurred till now,But Pakistani’s will never digest this too.

Pakistani’s always blame Sardari system or Tribal system are responsible for all Deprivations of Balochistan and these Sardars are against Pakistan but actually this sardari system in Balochistan helping Pakistan to occupy Balochistan,Out of 75 sardars 72 are with Pakistan.Actually the reality is this,that Majority of Baloch are against Pakistan but majority of Sardars are with Pakistan.

Present spoiled sardari system presented by British imperialist during their era,to rule Balochistan,which continued by Pakistan to rule Balochistan,Before British occupation Sardars were elected by the people of their tribe not inherited,in Balochi tribal system Sardars are elected similarly as a democratic country select their President or Prime Minister.

In last your arguments always finished in abusive node,and you will be announced a Kafir(infidel),traitor,Raw or mosad agent by some Pakistani.

By  Azad Baluch

  1. Asif Magsi says:

    All I can say is that we Balochs must be practical for our independent by all our efforts,we should not prove ourselves right and pokis wrong.These will never accept our demands by arguments….

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