Pakistan Need Balochistan not Baloch.

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Balochistan Articles
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“Pakistan need Balochistan and its resources not Baloch”we heard this statement many time’s from Baloch leaders but now we can see it clearly in district Dera Bugti Balochistan.Due to military operation in 2005 in Balochistan most of the local people in Dera Bugti migrated from Dera Bugti and living in different areas of sindh,Punjab and Balochistan in very miserable conditions.Few who left behind can’t migrate due to financial problems now threatened by Pakistani army to vacate the area otherwise they will kill them and their families.

Last year after attacks on conveys of Chinese engineers  Pakistani Forces Ordered Bugti tribesmen to vacate the area of Zen Koh.Its should be noted that Chinese and Pakistani companies exploiting Baloch resources in Balochistan and they are exploring gas and oil in Zen Koh too without the will of local Bugti tribe,so Baloch resistance forces attacked several time’s on conveys of Forces and Chinese engineers,after successful attacks on these conveys in Zen Koh Pakistan forces forced hundreds of people living nearby to evacuate their homes.

Few days ago after successful attacks on Security forces and on gas pipelines is different ares of Dera Bugti Balochistan Pakistani forces in reaction of these attacks killed and abducted many Innocent local tribals in which many females and children were too.

Pakistani security forces came under attack last week in Singsila Area of Dera Bugti ,Soon after the attack, occupying Pakistani forces retaliated with a brutal offensive killed many locals and abducted  Merzar bugti, Wazeer bugti, Mandi bugti, dito  along with their children and wife namely Shali, losha, khaira bibi From Singesla Dera Bugti during the offensive,and later Pakistani Military announced on loudspeakers and warned the villagers of Singesla that if You want Your Families back alive then Leave Singsela.

Similarly in Pir Koh and Pir Suhri area of Dera Bugti,Balochistan Pakistani forces abducted 3 tribesmen and later killed and dump them,ISI proxy group Baloch Warna Ittahad(Baloch United Youth) claimed responsibilities of these killings,in another incident a 70 year old Sabzal Bugti was killed by the Pakistani paramilitary FC force near their checkpost situated in Peersuri area of Pirkoh in district Dera Bugti.Since last two weeks the dead body of Sabzal Bugti was lying at FC checkpost,but the barbaric Pakistani military didn’t let the family members to take away the body of Sabzal Bugti,after two weeks  The badly decomposed bullet riddled body of Sabzal Bugti s/o Haqdad Bugti finally handed over to the family members for burial.

Similarly after 13 personnel of occupying Pakistani forces were killed when their convoy was attacked by Baloch Freedom fighters in “Batti” site of “RD 238″ area of Sui, Dera Bugti  after the attack, occupying Pakistani forces retaliated with a brutal offensive and siege the whole area, shelling and heavy bombardment by the forces was reported from the area, a number of houses (shacks/huts) were burnt as a result and 3 villagers were killed by the occupying forces and dozens were abducted.

After these incident and threats from Pakistani forces Now Peoples are migrating from Pelawagh, Singesla, and the PirKoh areas of Dera Bugti.Pakistani forces have snatched the saving of the villagers of Dera Bugti when they were migrating form the areas.

So the new policy of Pakistan is to remove Baloch from Balochistan to control over their resources.This all prove that Pakistan need Balochistan not Baloch.

By Azad Baluch


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