The rulers should have the courage to speak the truth about Balochistan

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Balochistan Articles

Pakistani ruler never bothered to speak the truth. Always busy to herd the falsehood, had they ever dared to speak the truth they might have felt a little bet relaxed, Prime minister says he cannot rule out possibility of foreign hands involved in the Balochistan unrest: that they would not bent before American pressure. Mentioning the American name directly PM has strengthened the impression that America is totally involved in Balochistan. Because those who are engaged in a fight against Pakistan for freedom are against all sort of exploitation of their natural wealth including the Iran and Pakistan Gas pipeline run through Balochistan. Similarly America has expressed its reservation and opposition to Pakistan’s gas pipe line projects with Iran and the pressure on Pakistan is being considered an open intervention to its internal matters. Meanwhile India has already been issued the interference certificate of abetting the freedom with weapons. The Baloch freedom fighter has made it loud and clear that Balochistan is an occupied state. And they that they are fighting freedom war with their own available resources. They maintain that neither they have American support nor does India support them. They say that had they been supported by a foreign country they would have reached to several phases of the struggle. Albeit, they said that they would accept any support rendered by any country for the sake of freedom of their country. But now we do not know what sort of designs the rulers have in their mind to achieve by laying to public. But the media has internationally exposed the false impression of the rulers that there no possibility of involvement of foreign hands in Balochistan. It seems that the rulers are totally unserious about Balochistan issue. That is the main reason that they are constantly trying to exonerate themselves from the responsibility. If the rulers have any proof of foreign involvement in Balochistan, then they should pluck the courage and expose the foreign hands in front of the media so that they are spared off from the daily hue and cry!

Dailytawar Editorial 12/03/2012
Translated by Archen


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