Some of the organizations which took birth from the womb of ISI

Posted: March 7, 2012 in news

Some of the organizations which took birth from the womb of ISI; They have been used in different parts of the world, their area of operation are as follows:

S.No Name of Organization Area of Activity Leaders

1. Al Shams East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)

2. Al Badar East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)

3. Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Afghanistan

4. Thaliban Afghanistan Mullah Umer

5. Lashkar-e-Thayaba Indian Kashmir

6. Ansar-ul-Islam Indian Kashmir

7. Jesh-e-Muhammad Indian Kashmir Moulana Azhar Masood

8. Sipa-e-Sahaba Pakistan (targets Shia Sect of Islam) Maulana Tariq Azam

9. La shkar-e-Jangvi All over Pakistan (target is Shia Sect of Islam)

10. Sipa-e-Shudah-e Balochistan: (targets pro-freedom Shafique Mengal S/O Senator Naseer Mengal Baloch students, Political workers, Journalists)

11. Baloch Musalah Defah Tanzeem Balochistan: (targets Baloch students, Atta-ur-Rehman Mengal and Kohi Khan Mengal Political workers and Journalists)

12. Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e Makuran Region (targets Baloch students, Nawabzada Siraj Khan Raisani, Imam Bheel.
Aman Balochistan Political workers and Journalists) Mullah Barkat

13. Bugti Aman Force Dera Bugti Balochistan, (working against the Ghulam Qadir Massori Bugti loyalists of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti)

14. Bijrani Marri Levis Force Kohlu and Chamalang areas of Balochistan Mir Hazar Khan Ramkhani


Archen Baloch



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