Baloch Religious Scholars Movement: Announce in Favour of Independence Movement

Posted: March 7, 2012 in news

Occupiers and oppressors are Muslims, but struggle against them is an obligation. Pakistan is founded on bases of Islam but it is also damaging Islam says spokesperson of Baloch Religious Scholars’ Movement, Mollana Abulkalam Azad Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: Quetta: (NNI), it is for a long time we have been investigating about ongoing Balochistan situation, about its future and past issues have been under consideration says Mollana Abulkalam Azad Baloch. According to the Islamic faith, we have kept in view of our Baloch movement, we have come today at this point, and we are going to completely support the Balochistan independent movement. Because Allah Tallah gave all rights of freedom to all human beings, if the occupiers and oppressors are in a Muslim state, struggle is still obligatory against them. Pakistan has been found based on Islam but it never becomes an Islamic country, instead it is damaging the Islam. He said, “when the Lal Musjid in (capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad) was destroyed we did not see existence of any Defai –e- Pakistan Council organization”. “Pakistan for its lewd interest is using Islam as shield. God punishment should arrive for such state”. stated Mollana Azad Baloch. Shafiq Mengal and Siraj are being used by Pakistani secret agencies. They are calling martyred innocent Baloch youth and families infidels. Which is completely unislamic because in Hadees Sharref in holy hadith of prophet (PBUM) said, “calling another Muslim infidels itself is a non – Islamic act“. In Islam it will be considered a sin because in the past our few fellows against former Soviet Union (USSR) were involved in Jehad but that time our holy warriors accepted full financial backing and training from the United States of America. That time, they stated they wanted help, whoever is going to offer. It was a famous saying from holy warriors, at least American are Aal –e- kitab (Christians) we should get their support because former Soviet Union (USSR) is an atheist. But, “China is even worst atheist then former (USSR), and China is strongly against Islam. Then, why Pakistan is sitting on the lap of China. Pakistan is a state that has no love to Islam; he is using Islam for its unjust means”. He said the United States of America has not been supporting the independence of Balochistan but it is providing (Pakistan) weapons and those weapons of the United States of America are being used against Baloch people. If few representatives from United States of America decided based on humanity and supporting Balochistan independent movement, then there is nothing wrong with it, says Baloch Religious Scholars Movement Spokesperson. He said, “our eyes are now open, because our own homeland (Balochistan) is burning. According to Islam, we have to free our own homeland first then we should think for others”. If Defai – e – Pakistan Council, announces Jehad against the freedom seekers of Baloch people, they should remember between war of Imam Hussein and Yazid, both side were Muslims. But, one side was fighting for just and other was for unjust cause. In this war (Baloch freedom fighter are for just) and Allah Tallah (God) will make its decision. Inshallah, “if it is God’s will“ our homeland will soon be free and our mothers and sister’s honours will be protected”. As a religious scholar he stated that according to the Islam, all Baloch are martyred. He said, the beloved prophet (PBUM) once Sahab UL – Keram traveled towards Habs while Habs was a non Muslim country that time then Sahab UL – Keram traveled towards Nanjashi where they asked for protection. He said, “If the great Islamic conqueror Sahab UL Keram can shelter a non Islamic state then why (Baloch leaders) Hairbyair Marri and Bramdagh Bugti should not take a protection in non Islamic state”. He also stated, “we are making a strong appeal to all Baloch religious scholars. They should think based on their own conscience and look it the Islamic history. Under Balochistan`s such situation, they should consider and support an independent Balochistan”.. He continued to say all Baloch religious scholars “should join with us in Jehad, they should not go along with the Defai – e – Pakistan Council because they are once again repeating the Bengladish history. According to the Allah and its prophet (PBUM) we will continue our Jehad for an independent Balochistan”. Source (NNI) translated by Balochhomeland


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