Biography Of Commander Dr ALLAH NAZAR BALOCH:

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Balochistan Articles


Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch a great leader of Baloch nation the son of Nabi Bukhsh Baloch ,he was born on 2nd October 1968 in a remote area of Awaran ,called Mehi , Mashkay and in 1979, he sought admission in his home town Mehi,Mshkay, Awaran,after doing metric from high school in 1986, he went to Kech Turbat. For higher education in 1987 he took admission in medical department of Atta Shad Degree College .He passed F.Sc (pre-medical) in 1989. It is not denyin the fact that he is smart and honest in his goals. Due to his hard work,1992 he secured a medical seat in Bolan Medical College Quetta. It was here that he got a gold medal in Gynecology in 1999. Dr. Baloch is sincere with his objective. In the period of his studies , he observed the deprivation and backwardness of Baloch nation and Baloch Land. Initially, he hated Pakistan because he was conscious of the discrimination of Pakistani establishment with Baloch. He wanted to evacuate Baloch students from loss and danger. He had joined B S O in 1989 when he was in Atta Shad College Kech. He remained the unit secretary there. In Quetta he started a new struggle for bringing B S O on its own feet. In that time B S O was utterly a pocket organization and was divided more than three groups. Fortunately, his association with students got strengthen day by day. It was a tactful situation for him.

He slowly became popular among the members of B S O throughout Balochistan, it was an immense concern for the political parties, who used B S O for their personal interests. His intention was to unite Baloch students and have a change. To some extent he succeeded doing so. The ambition of him was clear, as he sacrificed all his personal interests for the freedom of Balochistan. He sorted out all the confusions of the coming Baloch generations. Latter all resorted to Allah Nezar’s strategy.

He did a great job in 2002 when he found B S O (azad). Soon after he was arrested, but released after a long hunger strike held by students. Unfortunately on 25th March 2005 once again he was picked up by Pakistani intelligence agencies with other six comrades and he was released on 20th June 2006 by ATF after a defective mental and physical torture. It is evident in the history that Pakistan has not considered Baloch, as a human being and Balochistan as her part.

Dr.Allah Nazar Baloch has faced and facing all challenges of autocrats and bloodthirsty regimes. Punjabis had tried their best to obscure their cruelty with Baloch ,but today world is aware of that. If we have a glance on erst,then we can find different sorts of cruelty on Baloch people. Therefore today Allah Nezar has a strong stand against Pakistan. The ramp up incursions brought a change for the young Baloch about which Pakistan is worried . Dr. Allah Nazar is eliminating obstacles from his way of freedom. “My visionary and revolutionary friends, won’t celebrate sorrows on my martyrdom, pick up my fallen gun and protect my vision and thought, compete with the enemy, till victory (freedom)” ,said Allah Nazar. Panjabi sojourn has ruined our culture, and contained Baloch to accept Pakistan. Now, it’s too late. Every Baloch descendent is ready to take arms, burn the flag of Pakistan and deny to read Pakistani national anthem in schools. The Baloch conspiracy is going to have a good result soon in future.

The great leader and Senior vice Chairman of B S O (azad) Zakir Majeed Baloch said,” some people lived for death, some died for living, those who died for a prime aim can never die.” The Baloch tormenters are extremely baying but it is too late for them. The existentialism took place in Balochistan by whom? Everyone is aware of that. Allah Nazar is the first messenger of revolution. It’s a great achievement of Baloch, that today a gold medalist is fighting in the mountains. The immense achievement brings a fruitful result in Baloch revolution in future.

Thus, today Baloch off springs had acquired a lot from Dr. Balch’s way of struggle. The crack down on B S O(azad) indicates that Pakistan is losing the battle. Baloch rebellions can surrunder,when Balochistan gets freedom. Students are following Allah Nazar’s chosen path. He was a legend, is a legend and will be legend.


Shaihaq Baloch



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