Tactic change

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Balochistan Articles

Pakistani agencies change their tactics to suppress the Baloch struggle for freedom”,if we look at last 5 years they killed and dumped thousands of Baloch youth and abducted thousands more,they create groups like threek-e-Nafaz-e-Amaan Balochistan(TNAB) and Baloch Musalah Difah to accept the responsibilities  of these killings and disappearence of Baloch Youth to hide the crime of Pakistani agencies in front of International world and make the world community to believe that these extrajudicial killings of Balochs are internal conflicts of Balochs and try to give these killing colour of tribal conflicts.From last 5 years the most dumped bodies found were Baloch youth.
Pakistani agencies from last 5 year targeted Baloch Youth and try to pressurized the parents of Balochs to keep their chidren out of this movement but not successed to supress the Movement ,But now Pakistani agencies changed their tactic’s by targeting the elders the Parents and the family members especially the female members of Baloch freedom movement activists.The few examples of that tactics are,the multilated body of a female found in Pir Koh district Dera Bugti and in an other incident unknown gunmen shot dead tribal elder and Khuzdar Traders Union former president Muhammad Ramzan Zehri and injured three of his companions in Kanak area of Khuzdar.Haji Mohammad Ramzan was the father of, the youngest, member of BSO-Azad Shaheed Majeed Zehri who was abducted last year and later his bullet-ridden body was found in Khuzdar.

But the most unethical incident was targeting Baloch females in Karachi.Baloch Republican Party’s president and one of the most loved Baloch Leader Brahamdagh bugti’s sister and niece along with their driver gunned down at Gizri Bridge, Karachi early Tuesday  it should also be noted that these victims were also wife and daughter of Sibi based Balochistan Member of Provencial Assembly Mir Bakhtiar Khan Domki.Zamur Domki, her daughter Janan Domki and driver Barkat Baloch, were returning home at their DHA based resident from a wedding when unknown assailants on a motorbike fired at them in an ambush, killed all of them and conveniently escaped.It should be noted that Brahamdagh Bugti is exiled in Geneva and Grand son of Nawab Akhbar Khan Bugti is leading a pro-independence movement.

These tactics are actually a clear message to the Baloch youth that if they don’t keep them out of this Freedom Movement then their family members will be targeted.The new tactics of Pakistani agencies is not only pressurized the parents or elders but also the youth that their family members are also not save.

BY Azad Baluch


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